Saturday, October 9, 2010

A new start!

Hello guys,

This is a new blog i start under the same address. Please be nice to me. Well for me, Malaysia life have been treating me well. Been changing job 2 times in this couple of month. Reason for that is because i want to find a workplace where i can make it as a training ground, knowledge gathering base and the pay must be good la. I have been working with 2 MNC company in which treat me pretty well but ironically i favor my new job which is a GLC company. All these company is in investment industry but most of them would be on investor services in other words back office job. I would rather be in a position where i can learn and move forward to my ultimate destination which is as a fund manager 'InsyaAllah'. Well we need to start somewhere related right? No matter how much you put your effort in but if its not in a right direction it would probably take us longer period of time or probably not reaching the destination at all. We live only once so RUN and RUN again when you young. Well 21 does not consider young compare to the high school kids but in the workforce it is relatively DAMN young. Am i lucky or my hardship just started? But again im thankful for all the rezeki be given by HIM. Thank you and ALHAMDULILLAH.